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Friday, December 24, 2010

Glühwein (Hot wine)

Typical German drink for the winter and even more for Christmas!


1 Liter of Red wine
1 Lemon
3 Cloves
2 Cinnamon sticks
Sugar or honey (what you prefer to make it sweeter)

Cut the lemon and put it with the wine, the cloves and the cinnamon sticks in a pot and let it get heat without boiling! Let it settle for an hour, strain it and before serve it, heat it again and add some sugar or honey (what you prefer)

Das ist alles!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Castilian Soup

As the winter is starting, here you have a typical spanish soup to fight the cold weather.

1 Bread
Sweet paprika
Serrano  ham (if it is possible)
Chicken cube
Olive oil
2 Eggs (if you want)

Keep the bread of the day before so it becomes stale. Cut it into small pieces.
Put 2 or 3 garlic’s heads in a pan with a bit of oil (a tablespoon), the ham and a bit of paprika. When the garlic is ready put everything in a pot with water and a chicken cube and let it boil. When it has been boiling for 10 minutes put the bread inside, turn it off and cover it.

The soup is ready, if you want to add eggs, before serve it boilt the soup and when it's boiling add the eggs and turn it off.
Enjoy it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dutch rice salad

 ....i think your supposed to eat this in the summer, so something to look forward to...

For 4 persons

Rise (300g)
Sundried tomatoes in oil (8)
Green beans (300g)
Broccoli (250g)
Young cheese (200g, one big block)
Corn salad (75g)
Caesar salad dressing
(pine nuts)
(raw ham)

First cook the rice then drain the water and let the rice cool down.
Dry the oil from the sundried tomtatoes a little by putting them between some paper towels.
Cut the ends from the green beans and break them in half. Cut the broccoli into small florets and cook the broccoli and the green beans "al dente" for about 7 minutes in boiling water and then immediately rinse them off with cold water so they don't continue cooking and stay crisp. Then drain the water.
Cut the sundried tomatoes into thin slices and the cheese into small blocks.

Now you bascially take all the ingredients (the corn salad, the rice, the broccoli, the beans, the sundried tomatoes),
put them in a big bowl, poor some caesar dressing over it, and mix it all up. Add pepper according to your taste.

Optionally you can top it off with some croutons, pinenuts and/or raw ham for the none-veggies ;)

That's it! One tip; make a lot, eat half of it, and save the other halve in the fridge. The next day it tastes even better!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spanish Omelette

- 4 Potatoes
- 1 onion if it’s of the small ones. 1/3 if it’s of the big ones
- 5 or 6 Eggs (depending on the size of the potatoes)
- Salt
- Olive oil

Peal and cut the potatoes into slices as thinner as you can. Cut the onion into small pieces.
Put everything in a pan with a lot of oil (to cover the bottom of the pan. like half of a fingertip)
With a medium-high fire let the potatoes and the onion cook while moving it. When the potato is starting to be cooked, mash it with a wooden spoon until you get like dough.
Meanwhile, in a deep plate put the eggs and beat them.

When the potatoes are ready, remove the dough from the pan with a spatula, letting all the oil in the pan and putting the potatoes in the deep plate with the eggs. Put bit of salt there and mix it all mashing it.
Remove the oil from the pan, letting a bit to cover the bottom. (You can keep the rest of the oil for another use J )

Put the mixture in the pan and, with a medium fire, move the pan while it is cooking to avoid the omelette being stuck to the pan.
After a while, once you can see the down part of the omelette is starting to be done, put a dish over the pan, big enough to cover it.
Take the pan to the sink (just in case…) and turn it so the omelette will fall on the plate. After that, put the omelette again in the pan to cook the other part and as before, move the pan while it’s cooking. After a while, turn it again whit a plate to see if it’s ready, and if it is…enjoy it!

(The best ones are the less cooked, don’t let them so long in the fire or it will get dry)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Salmorejo: by Gema!

Salmorejo ingredients:
10 or 12 g very ripe, very red tomatoes
2 clove of garlic
1 soupspoon of vinegar
4 soup spoons of virgen olive oil (150gr)
3 or 4 hard-boiled eggs and some chopped up Serrano ham to put on top
200gr or 300gr of bread from the previous day (1 French bread will be ok)
Fresh stick bread or toasted sliced bread to dip in the Salmorejo once it is finished

You also need a food blender

The first thing to do is to cut the old bread in quite thick pieces and moisten it in a bit of water so It won’t be so hard.
To peel the tomatoes depend on how you like the Salmorejo (for me I just do it if I have time,)

Chop the tomatoes up and put them in the food blender with the vinegar, garlic and a little salt Blend this all together and then start to add the old bread bit by bit.
The mixture will very quickly become some kind of a thick soup. At this stage you have to add the oil and to blend this a bit more.
Pour the Salmorejo into a bowl, and chill it in the fridge.
Just before serving garnish with chopped up boil egg and the sliced Serrano ham if you can find it.

enjoy it!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

French Crepes

"Les Crêpes"
Ingredients for 3 - 4 persons:

- Flour, 300 grams
- Eggs, 4
- Milk, 25 centilitre
- Water, 25 centilitre
- Oil, 2 spoons
- 1 pinch of salt

Mix the flour and eggs, then gradually add the milk and water.
Mix well to not have lumps.
Add oil and salt

In a stove, put a little butter or oil.
When the pan is hot, put enough batter to cover bottom of stove. Turn the crepe when it begins to harden with a spatula.
In the end, as the real French you can "jump" the pancake in the stove.
You can eat salted or sweet crêpes (or both) (Ham, cheese, mushrooms, sugar, chocolate, jam ...)

bon appétit!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cabrales’ croquettes (Croquetas al cabrales)

Ingredients for 3 - 4 persons:

- Cabrales cheese, 150 grams (You can also use blue cheese or roquefort)
- Flour, 3 spoons
- Oil, 5 spoons
- Milk, 2 cups
- Egg, 2 units
- Breadcrumbs, 30 grams

1. Put 5 spoons of oil in a pot and heat it, add the flour, stir it quickly and add the milk gradually, stirring with a wooden spoon.

2. Add the chopped cheese and continue stirring until cooked 5 minutes, without stop stirring so it dissolve properly.

3. Then, put it into a flat dish and let it cool. (It needs 2 – 3 hours at least untill it gets cold and it forms a compact mixture, and it is better if you put it in the fridge) If you don’t do this it is impossible to give them form!

4. Once the mixture is ready, form the croquettes and roll it in beaten eggs, then the breadcrumbs. 

5. Heat lot of oil in a pan and fry the croquettes until they get golden - brown. Take them out from the pan and let them drain on absorbent paper or kitchen papaer. Put them in a dish and serve hot.

Eh voila! Bon appetit!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Welcome to our new Blog! As I told some of you I have created a blog so we can all share the delicious recipes we prepared in the ananas and laan's dinners!!

It could be great if every week someone write a recipe! (always in English! then if you want to write it also in your own language it's ok! :) )
We can also ask someone for a recipe or comment it... add pictures or whatever you want to make it more dinamic!

And of course, you can share this blog with your friends! the more recipes the better :P

As I have started the blog I am going to write the first! any volunteer for the next one?