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Friday, November 12, 2010

Dutch rice salad

 ....i think your supposed to eat this in the summer, so something to look forward to...

For 4 persons

Rise (300g)
Sundried tomatoes in oil (8)
Green beans (300g)
Broccoli (250g)
Young cheese (200g, one big block)
Corn salad (75g)
Caesar salad dressing
(pine nuts)
(raw ham)

First cook the rice then drain the water and let the rice cool down.
Dry the oil from the sundried tomtatoes a little by putting them between some paper towels.
Cut the ends from the green beans and break them in half. Cut the broccoli into small florets and cook the broccoli and the green beans "al dente" for about 7 minutes in boiling water and then immediately rinse them off with cold water so they don't continue cooking and stay crisp. Then drain the water.
Cut the sundried tomatoes into thin slices and the cheese into small blocks.

Now you bascially take all the ingredients (the corn salad, the rice, the broccoli, the beans, the sundried tomatoes),
put them in a big bowl, poor some caesar dressing over it, and mix it all up. Add pepper according to your taste.

Optionally you can top it off with some croutons, pinenuts and/or raw ham for the none-veggies ;)

That's it! One tip; make a lot, eat half of it, and save the other halve in the fridge. The next day it tastes even better!