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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spanish Omelette

- 4 Potatoes
- 1 onion if it’s of the small ones. 1/3 if it’s of the big ones
- 5 or 6 Eggs (depending on the size of the potatoes)
- Salt
- Olive oil

Peal and cut the potatoes into slices as thinner as you can. Cut the onion into small pieces.
Put everything in a pan with a lot of oil (to cover the bottom of the pan. like half of a fingertip)
With a medium-high fire let the potatoes and the onion cook while moving it. When the potato is starting to be cooked, mash it with a wooden spoon until you get like dough.
Meanwhile, in a deep plate put the eggs and beat them.

When the potatoes are ready, remove the dough from the pan with a spatula, letting all the oil in the pan and putting the potatoes in the deep plate with the eggs. Put bit of salt there and mix it all mashing it.
Remove the oil from the pan, letting a bit to cover the bottom. (You can keep the rest of the oil for another use J )

Put the mixture in the pan and, with a medium fire, move the pan while it is cooking to avoid the omelette being stuck to the pan.
After a while, once you can see the down part of the omelette is starting to be done, put a dish over the pan, big enough to cover it.
Take the pan to the sink (just in case…) and turn it so the omelette will fall on the plate. After that, put the omelette again in the pan to cook the other part and as before, move the pan while it’s cooking. After a while, turn it again whit a plate to see if it’s ready, and if it is…enjoy it!

(The best ones are the less cooked, don’t let them so long in the fire or it will get dry)