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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Valencian Buñuelos. Sales' Grandma recipe

Hello everybody! long time has past since the last recipe... but, as it is usual, now there are some new recipes waiting to be published!

The first one it is a recipe that my friend Sales gave me after being in Fallas last year. Pumpkin Buñuelos! I fell in love with them and I wanted the recipe...
It is very common to eat them during Fallas. (For the ones that does not know, Fallas is a traditional and very famous party in Valencia I will attached a couple of videos at the end of the post)

Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 55 minutes

1/2 pumpkin
200 gr flour
1 tablet of leavening or 50 gr leavening
Juice of half a lemon


1. Boil the pumpkin until it gets soft. Remove the pepitas and filaments. Smash it until you form a paste. Add the juice of half a lemon

2. In a bowl apart, mix the flour and leavening. Then, mix it with the pumpkin paste and add (if necessary) a bit of the water from the cooking.

3. Knead until you get an homogeneous and thick dough. If it is very liquid add a bit more flour

4. Once we have the dough, cover the recipient with a cloth or dish towel and let it rest for 20 minutes until the dough grows.

5. In a pan, add some olive oil and fried the buñuelos.

To give them shape:
1. Take a handful of dough and squeeze it until a ball comes out.

2. With the other hand take the ball by the center with the ring finger and the thumb making a hole while you throw it into the pan.

A tip you can follow. Every time you make a buñuelo wet your hands so, put a bowl with water close to you

The Buñuelos are served hot in a dish acompanied with sugar so you can put some on them. In Valencia it is common to eat them with hot chocolate too.

Enjoy it!

And this is a good video for a summary about Fallas!

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